Why people call for roadside assistance?

Travelling in the modern-day might seem easier. However, there are still a number of mishaps that could happen on a long haul on the road. Even if you are doing a small errand, you might end up on the wrong side of the road, asking for help.

So, do you want to find out why people call for roadside assistance? You would rather know than to leave someone in the lurch without lending a hand:

  1. Empty Gas kit: Leaving home with low gas pressure can lead to unwanted road stop. Most people will have to stop midway because of an empty gas kit. Those who use natural gas would have to take a break when their fuel tank is out of gas. When someone waves at you with a stoned vehicle, you can be sure that they need to find the nearest gas station.
  2. Blasted Tires:

If the tires run over any stone or nails, then the flat tires would make you ask for help. Sometimes the air pressure in the tires falls below the normal pressure. These blasted tires will make people feel absolutely helpless. It is advisable to carry a spare tire in your car to avoid a mishap. The next time you see a car leaning over to one side. Be a good Samaritan and help the poor souls out of their misery.

  1. Heated Radiator

Cars tend to get heated when they are run for a long time. Most people call for roadside assistance when the radiator heats up and slows down the efficiency of the engine. If the problem is ignored, then the risk of damaging the engine can be very high. It is better to stop and wait for assistance as and when you need it. Ride out into the sunset after you have cooled down your radiator and relax as your drive away.

  1. It takes Two to tow:

When an engine or battery dies, than most people have no choice but to get a tow away. People mostly ask for roadside assistance when they need a tow away. Just be aware of the fact that those asking for tow away are in a real fix. Check the car for passengers and the vehicle for any sign of malevolence. Ask the person seeking roadside help to show you the engine and the battery. If the car starts or sparks when you turn it on, show that you are in for a mugging.

  1. Oil leakage

Sometimes the car parts that touch the road for long the radiator pipe might get leaked. Most car leaks can happen due to rotten engine gaskets, holes in the oil pan, ripped oil seals and bad connections. To help people asking for roadside assistance, get down on our knees and check the lower part of the car. If you see any damaged pan seals, try to fix them with glue or use epoxy glue to make your own pan seals.

  1. Dead Battery

People most often ask for assistance when the car battery dies. It can happen right in the middle of the intersection or in the middle of a highway. To jump start the car, you will have to line up your car with the car that needs to be recharged. Safety first, so check that the jump leads on the other car are not too badly damaged. Turn off the ignition and keep the handbrakes. Fix the red jump led to the positive (+) terminal on the battery, and the black jump lead onto the negative (-) terminal. Leave both the cars as it is for at least ten minutes. Carefully take off the jump leads from the car and put on the ignition.

  1. Engine Failure

A few car drivers could not care less for the suffering their car goes through. You will find them on the roadside when their engine eventually breaks down. When a lot of exhaust is pouring out of the tail-pipe, it can lead to a number of problems in the engine. Look carefully at the colour of the smoke coming out of the car. If the smoke is blue them, the problem is not that bad as it indicates that the car is blowing off the coolant or engine oil. However, a cloud of black coloured smoke means trouble and means that the engine is itself burning up, then you need to call a professional.

  1. Hybrid collapse

If you have a convertible car, then you need to understand that sometimes a little petrol is left in the fuel tank, then the car automatically converts to the battery. Dual-fuel cars are those that keep shifting between the gas and battery in hybrid cars. If you can charge the battery without damaging the car, then you can help the people waiting on the side of the road. If the battery is wasted, then you have no other choice but to call a towing service.

  1. Hit in the Bumper

A hit on the bumper can make you stall on the side of the road. If you are on the other side of the problem and someone asks for help when their bumper is hit, open the hood and check the engine. If the engine can be saved by making minor adjustments to the leads or cooling down the radiator, then try your best to get the car on the road. Some people are not that lucky as the whole bumper might be crushed by the hit. In such a case, save the passengers instead of the car as the car might heat up immediately, leading to unimaginable consequences.

  1. Tree in the Way

Speeding seems snazzy to the thugs riding on the road. Most of them might drive straight into a tree. If the hit isn't too hard, then remove the branches clung to the windshield and the door. Try to jump start the engine as explained above or recharge the battery. If the tree has destroyed the engine beyond recognition, then offer tow away. If you have a rope, attach it to the tow hitch. Tie the road around the tow hitch, but don't cover the ball. Now take the free end of the rope and attach it to your car to tow away the first one.


So, now you have enough knowledge to end the wandering of your wonder and know why people call for roadside assistance!